Windows Server Management

Managing Windows Plesk server is not that easy. It needs a lot of hard work, knowledge of the tools and more to be precise. Parallels Plesk panel is here, defined to be the best control panel for managing Windows server, which run in IIS. While dealing with windows server management, Plesk Panel is described as popular webhosting control panel. It is associated with parallels, which were previously known as swsoft. It helps the server administrator to set new websites, email accounts, reseller accounts and even DNS entries through a web based form of interface.

Working with the current demands:

At present, hoisting industry is demanding a lot of changes. Matching those changes is not easy unless you have best control panels for help. The parallel plesk panel is one such management field designed as per the client’s requirements. It is a perfect tool for server optimization. You know that slow sites can lose visitors. Therefore, the tool will help in optimizing server for performing best using available resources. For increasing the speed of Plesk server, the tool helps in mail server tweaking, deactivation of insecure or unused services and MySQL optimization with my.ini.

Plesk management at its best:

Starting from plesk setup to plugin installation, loads of options are available under plesk management facility.  The expert further helps in plugin installation with mail server Setup. For plesk upgrades, extra care has to be taken into consideration. Experts are able to help in upgrading it and fix all issues, which arise after upgrade. From configuring backups to components upgrades, options are unlimited. Moreover, SSL certification installation and setting up IP addresses are some of the other ventures revolving under Plesk management.

Server management and more:

Experts would like to help in service upgrades. They can offer quality help under PHP compilation with advanced module segment. They are further going to upgrade PHP along with other applications to latest stable versions, available. The services are willingly updated as per client’s request.

Furthermore, the team is more than happy to help in server security audit. The server support team is held responsible for the same and will configure claim win scanner for performing nightly scan and email the said report to you. As they have been into this field for years, therefore; providing quality check is not going to be a difficult task around here.

Server migration and more:

Under Solusvm server management, server migration plays a pivotal role. In case, you are planning to migrate the whole server, then procuring help from experts is what you need. Plesk 10 needs to be installed on both servers and can provide Remote desktop access of both the servers. The team is here to support free migration for up to 50 GB. In case, anyone is in need of more than the allotted 50 GB, then talking directly with the sales team might be of great help.

Experts are always happy to lend hands for server hardening and security, as another interesting panel of service. From new server setup to unlimited server administrating time, options are practically unlimited.