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How to Restore One Database From All Database mysqldump

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to restore single MySQL database from a mysql backup file, which contains multiple databases. What if you backed up all databases in your MySQL/MariaDB Server using –all-databases option, and now you want to restore one database from the all database backup file? The easiest way is …


Configure Server Backup to Google Drive in cPanel

The cPanel new version v66 introduces a new feature that we can configure server backup to Google Drive. Let’s see how to get this configured. Firstly, update the cPanel to latest version using command # /scripts/upcp The Google Drive provides 15GB of disk using which you can store your account backups on Cloud-based storage. Login …

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How to export/import MySQL database with correct character set on Linux?

To Export/Import MySQL database with correct character set on Linux export your database with the correct character set is important to avoid any kind of problems with data that has non English characters within the table. For example, if the character set of the database is Unicode (UTF8) you can use the following command to …