Management of an AWS Servers or an Amazon Web Servers requires utmost expertise and experience. Hiring a non-professional individual can lead to a permanent downtime. Therefore it becomes very critical to weigh a company and its skill set before contracting it for managing your AWS servers.

AWS Managed Service Provider

Out of the various IT Tech companies present in the market, 24X7 Server Support is one such company which has certified resources available to manage your AWS servers round the clock and 365 days in a year. It is compliant with the industry standardized service level agreement defined explicitly for an AWS managed service provider. The prime job of the tech company is to take on the onus of maintaining the servers so that the business owners can concentrate purely on the core part of the business without worrying about the uptime of the website.

As values add service, 24X7 Server Support also provides a consultancy service to its clients for free. This differentiates them from the other IT Tech companies present in the market. It can help its client in deploying, maintaining, monitoring as well as running the application on the servers. Also, it helps the client in choosing the right cloud package for the business by understanding the current need and future scalability plans. Saying this, as compared to the existing IT Tech Companies in the market, the 24X7 Server Support’s AWS managed service pricing is the lowest. The company works on a leveraged model that helps in optimizing the cost without hampering the quality of service delivery. Also, it believes in the concept of economies of scale which also helps the company in keeping its prices under control.

Following are some of the specifications offered by 24X7 Server Support Company:-

  • Security Management
    • Handle AWS access management and AWS Identity
    • Maintain AWS security groups
    • Take care of the security certificate and compliance
  • Monitoring Activities
    • Handle the monitoring activities of the AWS with cloud watch
    • Monitoring of the database and alerting and reporting the issues on a proactive manner to ensure 100% uptime
    • Monitoring of the application and alerting and reporting the issueson a proactive manner to ensure 100% uptime
    • Responsible for the performance management of the database as well as the application and tuning it as and when required.
  • Instance Management
    • Take regular backup of the application/website to be ready for any disaster like situation
    • Administration of the operating system
    • Configuration as well as regular tuning of the operating system
    • Management of the operating system hardening
  • Architecture Consulting
    • Guide the business owners with a road map of investment in this niche by understanding the current and future needs of the business
  • Account Management
    • A user interactive and easy to use customer portal wherein the end user can quicklylogin and open a ticket in case if he or she is facing any issues
    • A 24X7X365 day support to handle the tickets and a separate queue to manage the emergency tickets within the prescribed SLA.

Get in touch with the 24X7 Server Support’s sales team today to find out how your servers can be managed by them so that you can focus solely on your core business.

Contact Details:

Name: 24×7 Server Support Pvt. Ltd/

Address: 4TecsEnterprises, 66, Anand Park, Aundh, Pune –  411 027

Email Id: [email protected]