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Yum to DNF Cheatsheet

All tools in DNF added by plugins (core, extras) Yum Tool DNF Tool Notes debuginfo-install dnf debuginfo-install find-repos-of-install Use dnf list installed pkg instead dnf kickstart needs-restarting dnf tracer package-cleanup — covered by dnf list and dnf repoclosure; see man yum2dnf for details repoclosure dnf repoclosure repodiff repo-graph dnf repograph repomanage dnf repomanage repoquery dnf repoquery repo-rss reposync dnf reposync repotrack dnf download …

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How to use Yum Commands to Disable and Remove Package Repositories on CentOS?

YUM also called as Yellowdog Updater, Modified is a default package management system which is mostly used in all versions of CentOS to install and update packages and repositories. With the help of “yum” a user can maintain their OS and applications updates very easily. Here we will learn how to disable and remove package repositories on CentOS …

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Limit download rate for yum

yum (RHEL/CentOs/SL/etc) has an option which allows you to limit the download rate/amount of bandwidth used to download packages. Here’s how you do it: Edit the /etc/yum.conf file and add the following line: throttle=50k The above entry will limit the download rate to 50 kilobytes per second (note, not kilobits) when you do any yum command such as yum …