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How to upgrade Ubuntu 18.04 to 19.10 using command line

There are two ways using which you can upgrade your Ubuntu Machine from 18.04 to 19.10. First: Backup your data Download the ISO for Ubuntu 19.10 non-LTS release. Burn ISO file to a Bootable USB drive Boot your machine using Bootable USB drive Install Latest Version of Ubuntu Copy the backed up data to newly …


How to upgrade ubuntu 16.04 to ubuntu 18.04 ?

Check Ubuntu version before upgrading. lsb_release -a First, we have to run an update sudo apt update Then run upgrade command sudo apt upgrade After that dist-upgrade sudo apt dist-upgrade Then update core manager sudo apt install update-manager-core Then edit below file  sudo vim /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades At the end of the file set  Prompt-lts Then save …