There is a rare bug which can occur with SolusVM, in which migrations will get stuck at 0% – no matter how much time passes, like so or if you want to cancel the migration process because of slow transfer speed.

SolusVM: Cancelling stuck migrations

When this happens, do the following:

1) Connect to the SolusVM master via SSH

2) Execute the following command to create a database backup of the SolusVM master (it’s unlikely it will be needed, but, better safe than sorry!):

curl -o && sh

3) Execute the following command to launch a MySQL session:

MYSQL_PWD=`cat /usr/local/solusvm/includes/solusvm.conf | awk -F ":" '{print $3}'` mysql `cat /usr/local/solusvm/includes/solusvm.conf | awk -F ":" '{print $1}'` -u`cat /usr/local/solusvm/includes/solusvm.conf | awk -F ":" '{print $2}'` -h`cat /usr/local/solusvm/includes/solusvm.conf | awk -F ":" '{print $4}'`

4) Execute the following three commands, replacing “ID” with the ID of the VPS as shown in the URL when managing the VPS (i.e. – 99999 is the ID in this example)

update migrations set status = 2 where vserverid = 99999;
update migrations set status2 = 1 where vserverid = 99999;
update migrations set status3 = 1 where vserverid = 99999;

5) Open the SolusVM Migration page for the VPS in question.

6) Select “Migration failed. Clean ip the destination node and boot the source virtual server” 

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