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How to take Database Backup using phpMyAdmin

How to take Database Backup using phpMyAdmin.

First you need phpMyAdmin which is a MySQL Database Administration Tool.

1 - Open phpMyAdmin

2 - Click on Export

3 - Under Export - Select the database you want to backup

4 - Select SQL

5 - Select Structure, Add DROP TABLE, Add IF NO EXISTS, Add AUTO_INCREMENT VALUE and Enclose table and field names with backquotes.

6 - Select Data, Complete inserts, Extended inserts and Use hexadecimal for binary fields.

7 - Select Save as file your data base. Here you can use any name you want.

9 - In Compression specify your choice.

10 - Click Go.

How to restore a Database using phpMyAdmin.

1 - Open phpMyAdmin

2 - On the far right hand side, click on the little SQL box and a window should open

3 - In this window click on Import Files

4 - Use the browse button to find the database file.

5 - In Compression Select the option you chose to export the database

6 - Click Go.


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