How to Replace DrWeb with ClamAV in Plesk


If you are looking for a way to scan emails for viruses without paying for drweb or some other commercial virus scanning software in linux plesk then you can easily achieve that with ClamAV.
And you can install ClamAV easily by following some simple steps as below :

Firstly we need to remove Drweb if it is installed :

 root@server[#] yum remove *drweb*


root@server[#] rpm -e drweb drweb-qmail

Then install qmail-scanner/clamav/spamassassin

root@server[#] yum install qmail-scanner
root@server[#] yum install clamd
root@server[#] yum install spamassassin


root@server[#] yum install psa-spamassassin

root@server[#] /usr/bin/qmail-scanner-reconfigure