How to install WatchMySQL Plugin in WHM


Go to the below path

cd /sbin

Remove the file or take the backup

rm -f watchmysql

Download watchmysql plugin using the below link


Change the ownership of that file

chown root.root watchmysql

Change permission of the file.

chmod 0750 watchmysql



Before you run the script you must first configure it. Use edit to open the watchmysql script and set the options.

#Sets the maximum concurrent connections per MySQL user.

my $max_concurrent_connections = '15';

#Who to tell about this user... (email)

my $warning_email = 'your@email.address';

#Kill Abuser's MySQL Connections (0 = no, 1 = yes)

my $kill_user = '0';

#MySQL polling in seconds (600 = 10 minutes)

my $check_interval = '600';



To start this script simply run the following command

/sbin/watchmysql &

If you want the script to start when the system boots you need to add the above line to /etc/rc.local