Plesk repair utility for mysqlPlesk repair utility for mysql

Plesk Onyx

  • Getting a password For security reasons, the command to retrieve a Plesk “admin” password has been removed in Plesk Onyx. Use a one-time login link to log in to Plesk without a password. To generate a one-time login link:
    1. Run the following command to generate two links: One – to access Plesk by its hostname, another – by server IP address:
  1. plesk login Note: If a server hostname is not resolvable from the Internet, hostname link will not be generated.
  2. Copy one of the generated links and open it in a web-browser.
  • Resetting a password Run the command below replacing ***** with your new password and keeping ‘ ‘ on the sides:

plesk bin admin –set-admin-password -passwd ‘*****’