This topic has been discussed many times so i am going to write a complete guide to track your video conversion problem and fix it. I am using ClipBucket 2.0.9, if you have not already update to latest version, please download it from some of my Forum post content, here is what we are going to track our problem.

1.    Folder permission checking
2.    Uploading & Conversion Settings
3.    Server Modules Settings
4.    Testing file upload Part 1
5.    Testing file upload Part 2

Folder Permission checking

·  Check all directories in “files” folder are chmod (permission) to 777
·  Check there is not PHP error on any of your page
·  Check user login
·  Check Browsing issue
   Please fix all the above issues before going to next step

Uploading & Conversion Settings

Goto Admin Area > Website Settings & Configurations > Upload & Conversion Settings

Goto Admin Area > Website Settings & Configurations > Upload & Conversion Settings
· First make sure your FFMPEG, PHP and Flvtool2 Path is correct
· Mp4Box incase you want to get videos output in Mp4 Format (HQ only)
· If your FFMPEG version is greater than 20000, it may requires VF option on, we will try with “Use Vf On”
· Turn of “use crons” so we can convert videos directly

Server Modules Check

Goto Admin Area > Tool Box > Server Modules

·  Make Sure all statuses are green ( a check sign)
·  if something showing (ALERT) sign, go back to step 2, change settings according to your host
·  FFMPEG version should be greater than 19000
·  FLVtool2 1.6 or greater
·  Ask your host for weather they support PHP CLI or not, 90% host support it by default

Testing File Upload Part 1

Now we are going to upload a small file, less than 2MB you can search for “Bill Gates Pie WMV” or something good for testing purpose only.

1.    Goto Upload (Front End)
2.    Fill the details and upload file and wait till you are redirected to Success Page
3.    Now open up Facebook, login to your account, check your inbox and new updates, logout, close facebook
4.    Goto Admin Area > Video Manager
5.    Now you have one of three status “Successfull” , “Processing” , “Failed”


your status is succcessful, move to next part.

Congratualation for passing this phase Failed

Open “File Conversion Log” and check whey FFMPEG is not conversion videos, there could be one of following problems

1.    unrecognized option ‘-vf’
Turn off “use vf” in upload & conversion settings under FFMPEG PATH field
2.    option ‘padcolor’ has been removed, use the pad filter instead
Turn on “use vf” in upload & conversion settings under FFMPEG PATH field
3.    Check for any ‘libmp3lame’ or ‘libx264? or any codec error

Ask your host to re compile your FFMPEG with required codecsProcessing

Now, the most difficult part.

1. Goto Admin Area > Tool Box > Conversqion queue

2. Check if processing is started or not, if not, then your PHP Path is wrong or your PHP Does not support CLI or your register_argc_argv is not enabled

3. Fix these problems and then start again from Part 4

It will take some time depending on your server speed and file size and video duration and after few minute refresh page 

Testing file upload Part 2

1.    Now upload 10 MB video

2.    Wait for uploading & Success Page

3.    Now open Youtube, search for new movies trailers, watch it (in HD) , once finished, get back to ClipBucket admin panel

4.    check , what is file status, if failed, follow instructions above, if success, carry on with your ClipBucket but

5.    if Processing , check weather file is uploaded in /files/temp folder