The “Encryption error” in CWP (CentOS Web Panel) can be caused by various issues, but the most common one is incorrect SSL certificate configuration.

If you get Encryption error on login using root then try following.

Login as root in shell/ssh
1. try setting new password for root user.


if this does not help then try
2. Check hashing (hashing needs to be md5 or )

authconfig --test | grep hashing

if you get following “password hashing algorithm is descrypt” then you need to change hashing type.

authconfig --passalgo=md5 --update

then again set new root password


Supported Encryptions are:
MD5: "authconfig --passalgo=md5 --update"
SHA-256: "authconfig --passalgo=sha256 --update"
SHA-512: "authconfig --passalgo=sha512 --update"

Note, all users need to change their passwords in order to generate hashes using new encryption.