How To: Find Symlink under UNIX / Linux

Now, a days sym/root hacking is famous and hacker can create a sym/root folder by using script.
How do I find symlink(s) under UNIX and Linux operating systems?

Use the below command to find symlink directory

find /path/to/dir -lname /path/to/file


If you want to search sym/root folder under users account on server then run the below command in /home

cd /home

find -lname /root

The above command will find sym/root folder under all the users but it will take time. There is another method which is described below.

Install mlocate on server using yum.

yum install mlocate -y

Once it is installed then run below command to update locate database.


then run below command to search the server

locate sym/root

Above command will locate all the folder which is having symlink of root.