• Connect to the Master SolusVM server via SSH
  • Upload KVM template to the /home/solusvm/kvm/template/ directory. SolusVM provides its own pre-created KVM templates
  • After that log into SolusVM web interface and browse to Dashboard > Media > Add KVM Template
How to add a KVM template on SolusVM?
  • Configure the template per its requirements
  • Click on Add Template button.
  • Browse to Media > Media Sync > Create page
How to add a KVM template on SolusVM?
  • Sync templates between Master and Slave nodes, e.g.:
How to add a KVM template on SolusVM?

click on Create Sync Job button

  • On the Jobs tab verify that the task is completed. Note that cron task that runs template synchrinization is being executed every 15 minutes. It is possible to trigger this operation manually via Manually Force Sync button

Note: To save the disk space on the master node, it is possible to have a empty template file, but actual templates should be uploaded on the slaves manually in that case, e.g.:

Master node:

# ls -lh /home/solusvm/kvm/template/windows-2012-server-trial-x86_64-gen2-v1.gz
-rw-r–r– 1 root root 0 Nov 22 23:29 /home/solusvm/kvm/template/windows-2012-server-trial-x86_64-gen2-v1.gz

Slave node:

# ls -lh /home/solusvm/kvm/template/windows-2012-server-trial-x86_64-gen2-v1.gz
-rw-r–r– 1 qemu qemu 3.7G Sep 12 2012 /home/solusvm/kvm/template/windows-2012-server-trial-x86_64-gen2-v1.gz