what is cpanel

Error from park wrapper domain.com is owned by another user

If you are getting above error message then remove the domain entry from the below listed files:

  • /etc/localdomains
  • /etc/userdomains
  • /etc/trueuserdomains
  • /etc/trueuserowners
  • /etc/valiases/domain.com
  • /etc/vdomainaliases/domain.com
  • /etc/vfilters/domain.com
  • /var/cpanel/users/username
  • /scripts/updateuserdomains
  • /var/named/domain.db
  • /etc/named.conf
  • /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf

Once done the please try re-adding the domain from the cpanel again.

Mysql database is already in cpanel or database:

If you are getting above error message in cpanel/WHM then follow the below steps:

grep -lr username /var/cpanel/databases/

  • /var/cpanel/databases/username.cache
  • /var/cpanel/databases/users.db
  • /var/cpanel/databases/username.yaml
  • /var/cpanel/databases/users.db.cache

If user is available then delete the entries.

Also remove the database from mysql database using the below command:

  • delete from mysql.user where user=’username’;
  • drop user username@localhost
  • drop user username;
  • userdel username
    groupdel username

If entry is there in httpd.conf then remove it.

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