CloudLinux servers are built to be far more secure than traditional CentOS servers, especially with the addition of CageFS. However, sometimes you might want to allow your users access to some of the commands that are disabled by default. In our example we needed to enable rsync. 

If this is your problem, you and your user will see errors that look like these:

testserver@testserver[/]# rsync
jailshell: rsync: command not found
testserver@testserver[/]# exit
[host root@testserver~]cPs# su username
testserver@testserver[/]# rsync
bash: rsync: command not found

First, check to make sure the command isn’t included with this command:

[/]# cagefsctl --list-rpm | grep -i rsync

If the output is blank, that’s definitely your problem. The fix is a quick one:

[/]# cagefsctl --addrpm rsync
[/]# cagefsctl --update

Once that is done, your users will be able to use rsync without error.