cloudlinux php selector

PHP Selector is a CloudLinux component integrated on top of CageFS.
It allows each user to select a unique PHP version and modules based the user’s needs. PHP Selector requires an active account and CageFS to be enabled.

A cPanel user is allowed to change php.ini settings from his cPanel GUI. However the changes are limited to what CloudLinux permits by default.

You can easily edit Cloudlinux’s settings file and add any needed settings.

Make sure that the user has a cagefs enabled cPanel account.
Login to the server via SSH as root user and edit the following file: “/etc/cl.selector/php.conf”

For this example we’ve added support to the “disable_functions” settings.
Copy & Paste these directives to the beginning / end of the file:

Directive = disable_functions
Default   = curl_multi_exec , dl , exec , passthru , pcntl_exec , popen , posix_kill , posix_mkfifo , posix_setuid , proc_close , proc_open , proc_terminate , shell_exec , system , ftp_exec , leak , posix_setpgid , posix_setsid , proc_get_status , proc_nice , show_source , escapeshellcmd , showsource, symlink, escapeshellarg, escapeshellcmd
Type      = value
Comment   = functions to disable/enable in php

In order to test your changes follow the next steps:

  • Login to the desired cPanel account
  • Select PHP Version
  • Select any PHP version which is not “native”
  • Click on “Switch to PHP Options” (top-right)

The “disable_functions” directive is added and editable..