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SolusVM: Cancelling stuck migrations

There is a rare bug which can occur with SolusVM, in which migrations will get stuck at 0% – no matter how much time passes, like so or if you want to cancel the migration process because of slow transfer speed. When this happens, do the following: 1) Connect to the SolusVM master via SSH …

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How to enable Second level Quota on a cPanel OpenVZ virtual server?

The parameter that controls the second-level disk quotas is QUOTAUGIDLIMIT in the Container configuration file. By default, the value of this parameter is zero and this corresponds to disabled per-user and per-group quotas. Connect to OpenVZ node via SSH Stop the VPS: vzctl stop 101 Run this command to enable second level for a running …

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Mount windows/linux disk using kpartx

This post will guide you through how to access the contents of the virtual disk (LVM disk) directly so that you don’t need to boot the VM or when VM is not booting and you want to recover the data(windows or linux) [root@node ~]# lvdisplay | grep centosLV Path /dev/VolGroup/centosLV Name centos We need to create device …

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install vztop command

How to install vztop command in centos Take vzprocps tools from . These are usual ps and top utilities (named vztop and vzps to not conflict with the standard ones) with an -E option added. You can use -E CTID option to limit the output to the selected CTID (use 0 for the host …


How to reset solusvm admin password

How to reset solusvm admin password If you have lost your admin password you can reset it via an SSH session on the master. Run the following command: Login to the master node by SSH. Run the below command php /usr/local/solusvm/scripts/pass.php –type=admin –comm=change –username=<ADMINUSERNAME> You will get below output. New password: Asd$dfg%$htrr