Basic OpenVZ commands

To set up a VPS from the default CentOS 5 template you have to use the below command:

vzctl create 101 –ostemplate centos-5-x86 –config basic

The 101 must be a uniqe ID – each virtual machine must have its own unique ID.
If you want to have the vm started at boot, run

vzctl set 101 –onboot yes –save

To set a hostname and IP address for the vm, run:

vzctl set 101 –hostname –save

vzctl set 101 –ipadd –save

To start the vm

vzctl start 101

To set a root password for the vm, execute

vzctl exec 101 passwd

To login into vm

vzctl enter 101

To leave the vm’s console, type


To stop a vm, run

vzctl stop 101

To restart a vm, run

vzctl restart 101

To delete a vm from the hard drive (it must be stopped before you can do this), run

vzctl destroy 101

To get a list of your vms and their statuses, run

vzlist -a

To find out about the resources allocated to a vm, run

vzctl exec 101 cat /proc/user_beancounters

Command to check the load of all VPS from main server node.

vzlist -o veid,laverage

It will show the below output:


101 3.02/3.32/3.31
102 5.35/3.30/3.38
103 03.34/3.03/3.50
104 0.93/0.61/0.66
105 1.67/1.67/1.85
106 0.02/0.01/0.00