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Base class package Cpanel::Easy::Utils::CloudLinux is empty

While executing EasyApache on one of my servers, I  was getting the error “Base class package “Cpanel::Easy::Utils::CloudLinux” is empty”  and I tried executing upcp  and /scripts/checkperlmodules –full –force but of no avail.

Further investigating on this, I have found that the file /var/cpanel/perl/easy/Cpanel/Easy/Utils/ was empty and hence EasyApache throwing the error “Base class package “Cpanel::Easy::Utils::CloudLinux” is empty”.

To fix it perform below steps:

[code]root@server~[#] cd /var/cpanel/perl/easy/Cpanel/Easy/Utils[/code]

[code]root@server~[#] mv[/code]

Execute the below command to  re-sync the files:

[code]root@server~[#] /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/cpanel_easy_sanity_check[/code]

Try now. Easyapache works fine.