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How to fix 502 Bad Gateway | Cloudflare and Nginx [Engintron]

When you want to point cloudflare nameservers to your working website with engintron you will have a technical issue with linking cloudflare with engintron.

Our technical support / server administrators at subwayhost worked to fix the issue after the request of many client’s to add cloudflare to our services.

So we have gone directly and fixed it.

and we decided to create a tutorial for all people and companies to see how they can fix it.


  1. Login in WHM
  2. Select Engintron for cPanel/WHM
  3. Select Edit your custom rule
  4. Uncomment set $PROXY_DOMAIN_OR_IP
  5. Add you EXTERNAL IP address (or INTERNAL IP address if you behind firewall and you like use server only for internal network)
  6. It will look like.
 set $PROXY_DOMAIN_OR_IP "X.X.X.X"; # Use your cPanel's shared IP address here

Replace x.x.x.x with your server IP address.