Month: August 2022


Block wp-login and xmlrpc brute force attacks with CSF / DirectAdmin

xmlrpc wp-login are common attacks for WordPress installations, with CSF firewallwe can block them. First we define in CUSTOMx_LOG the log directory from which CSF will be able to search for wp-login.php and xmlrpc.php requests.Edit your /etc/csf/csf.conf like bellow:CUSTOM1_LOG = “/var/log/httpd/domains/*.log”If you have use CUSTOM1_LOG use the others After we have to create custom functions …

CentOS/Rocky Linux, Cloud Linux, Control Panel, CPanel / WHM

How to install and configure Flask on a Linux shared hosting account

Flask is a Python-based framework that enables you to quickly and easily create web applications. This article demonstrates how to install Flask and configure it on a Linux shared hosting account that uses cPanel. After completing the following procedures, you will have a functioning Flask application on your account that displays a simple web page. Step 1: …


How to prevent Email blacklisting

Mails can bounce back with the message ” Your message is blocked for low reputation”, or similar. If you wonder: it is likely that your e-mail landed on an e-mail server blacklist! This happens when your domain/mail server IP is blacklisted by any 3rd party anti-spam agency. Eg: Spamhaus, RBL, CBL, etc. Also, many mail …